Registration codes and license keys

When you purchase a PBS Simulation Series product to download from this webshop, you will receive a registration code.

This registration code can be found at the order history page in "Your Account'

When you go for the first time to your order, you can not see the code. You have to push on the icon to see the code.

With this registration code you can register the product with the maker of the software. Normally you will receive the registration code along with the invoice within 24 hours after ordering.

Then you go to and use the registration code.

After registering with the product manufacturer, they will send you a license key to fully activate the product. When fully activated, you will be able to receive product updates as they become available. The product will still function without a license key, but you will be unable to receive updates.

It is important to know that each of these license keys is sent individually, so please be patient! After the registration code is used to register the product, it can take up to 24 hours before you receive your license key.

If you do not receive an invoice with a registration key 24 hours after purchase, or if you do not receive a license key 24 hours after registration, please contact us for assistance.

I you still have any questions please use this email address:

This web shop does not issue the license keys.