Now it's time to install the software. You have received this in a ZIP file. Unzip it so that you have an EXE file.

1. Start the EXE file, but do so as an ADMINISTRATOR!!! (using the right mouse button, click on the EXE file and choose "Run as administrator"

2. Depending on which simulation you install, there are a few options.

  1. The installation will ask for the license key and you will need to specify the location of the license key.
  2. The installation asks if you are already registered, but does not ask for a location of the license key.
  3. The installation does not ask for a license key.
    If you have option 2 or 3, you will need to enter the license key manually. To do this, start the simulation. Once it starts, go to the INFORMATION tab. There you will find the option to enter the license key.

3. When the license key has been entered, CLOSE the simulation and RUN it again as ADMINISTRATOR.

4. When you start now, you may receive a notification that there is an UPDATE. Click the button to start the update process. There may also be additional downloads for you.

5. From now on you can start the program using the icon. There is no need to start it as an administrator every time. Only for Updates it must be started as administrator.

If for some reason you get an installation error when downloading the .NET 2.0 files, you will need to download them manually. Go to, choose your language. Download it and install it. And then restart the installation of our simulation.